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In a world of frustrating dating apps, imagine having a genie that enables you to meet someone you truly deserve to be with that too where you want, when you want, and whatever way you want. Sounds straight out of a fantasy? Well, this could now be a reality.

Here’s introducing an online dating app called NO NAMES (a local dating app for LA) that does its best to transform the dysfunctional dating habits of people with a No swipe feature. As the name suggests, No Names mean No Names i.e. keeping the name of users discreet until the user agrees to meet in person. This ensures a higher level of privacy, allowing you to keep your life confidential to people you don’t want to be acquainted with.

Apart from ensuring privacy at choice, this app proves itself to be one of the best dating apps by putting an end to dead end ghosting conversations. One needs to meet in person in order to take any conversation further. Also, catfishing would be a scam of the past because no names verify its users with its in-built facial recognition technology. So, meeting a guy in the guise of a girl online would never ever happen again.

No names understand its user base which includes intelligent, independent, ambitious and busy professionals. People, as described above, have no spare time to swipe for hours and exchange endless text messages only to end up reaching nowhere i.e. not getting a date. They don’t need a dating app like the free online dating apps already in the market but something that’s worth their time. No Names is an application that is specially designed for such online daters, who wish to meet new people without any fuss and at their own convenience.


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The current dating services focus on creating matches based on mutual swiping that turns into real dates after texting for days. No names focuses on creating a match based on convergence of mutual interests in experiences that the two people wish to have together, which instantly becomes a date.

With no names, its users POST their dates, instead of discussing them through chat bubbles. Posting a date implies; choosing an activity from the meet up categories the application offers and picking a place of choice. Then, set a day and time convenient to you and wait for request from other users to flow in. The Next step is to pick a person you like to go out on a date with. Alternatively, you could be the one sending in requests to users posting dates and none of this requires you to talk and know each other well, way before meeting. We let you save that for the actual date. All you need is a place you like, the right mood and the activity you prefer be it grabbing a meal, sipping a coffee, a movie, or go clubbing.

Another additive advantage is assurance of safety and confidentiality. With No Names, your profile is invisible until you post a date. Also, the data of your posted dates vanishes 2 hours after the scheduled time of the date. Hence, no one knows that you are a no namer until you wish to let the cat out of the bag.

The creators of this application unlike the creators of other dating applications smartly removed any scope for useless conversations by keeping things crisp, clear and to the point. However, the need for initial acquaintance and confirmation was understood as well. Hence, the app allows you to exchange not more than 5 texts after accepting the request. You can also request for a 9 second video to know a little more about the person you’ll be going out with. Also, just to keep the mystery intact the app enables exchange of texts in alphabets only so that numbers cannot be exchanged.

Once the date has been confirmed, the users would be allowed to exchange unlimited texts exactly an hour before the scheduled date. A map would also be displayed on the users’ screen to see if their date is traveling towards the set location or not. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about being stood up or ghosted. The best online dating apps currently in the running were revolutionising. Perhaps, Los Angeles and the rest of the world needed yet another revolution in the world of free dating apps. Hence creating No Names was more than necessary.

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