30 Minutes E.T.A

We’ve all had sweaty palms right before a date, wondering how it’ll go, if they’ll like us, if we’ll like them.... While there are some things about dating you can't control, such as whether you and your date will fall instantly in love, there are other things which you can and which the new dating app in Los Angeles, No Names, is created to help you with.

There can be a lot of unanswered questions when you’re meeting someone new, that’s why it’s nice to have as many of the blanks filled in, so there’s less to think about when you’re prepping for your date. No Names aims to take the work out of things, so all you really have to concern yourself with is the date itself. The app will help you and your date get to the same location with as much peace of mind as possible. How does it do this? It connects you to the other user (your date) in a few crucial ways, all the while upholding the app’s security-conscious protocol. Say you need to contact your date, exchange basic information, confirm where you/they are, or convey other practical information to get your date up and running, you can do this 30 minutes before your scheduled date. Not only do you get the option to call, but you’ll have unlimited messages during these 30 minutes, and there’s no need to worry about the safety of your phone number since this will be blocked should you need to call.  The next in-built feature—which comes into play 30 minutes before your date—is the Estimated Time of Arrival (or ETA for short.)

Bare in mind that this does not provide you with your date’s exact location, since that would challenge the app’s commitment to user security, but you will see how far away your date is from the designated date location. You’ll notice with all these features that they kick-in close to the date start time and they uphold the security of both users.

As you can see, the communication which occurs through No Names has purpose, you may not know your date’s favorite color or the name of their first pet but you’ll know where they are and get all the information you need to meet them on the exact patch of cement they’re standing on. And, lets be honest, it’ll be so much more fun to learn those color/pet details when you’re face to face. You haven’t lost anything, but you’ve gained a lot. 

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