Back To Basics

Whether you were born decades ago or around the turn of the 21st century, you will be familiar with the classic romantic first meeting. Despite the fact that those raised with technology will have less experience in real life with the “old-fashioned” way of dating, there’s something about it which is in our nature and which we can never fully forget. We are wired for in person connections, science proves this again and again, and regardless of how far technology can take us from reality we can’t erase this wiring. And when we really think about it, would we want to? The butterflies of meeting someone new, holding someone’s hand, the sparks, feeling what it’s like in someone’s presence... why wouldn’t we want this? Why wouldn’t we prioritize it over a screen?

This isn’t about going back to the dark ages, we don’t want to miss out on the amazing opportunities technology offers us, yet we won’t benefit from being so caught up in the advancements of technology that we lose human touch. If you’re looking for the best dating apps for relationships in Los Angeles, No Names is for you; it will help you live romance again instead of connecting with a screen. This is an app which combines the best of the past with the best of the future, operating on the premise that technology should be used to get you a date (not a dead-end messaging conversation) and so everything about the app is designed to achieve this goal.

So here’s the exact protocol, this is how it will happen for you: you post a date, you pick from those who have responded, you agree to meet and then have 5 messages in which to reassure the other person that you will be at the date. Not only this, the app allows you to share a 9 second video to your date, and for you to request one from them. As always, security is key for No Names so these videos can only be filmed from the front camera and the messaging allowance does not allow numeric characters, so you are unable to share phone numbers until you are face-to-face.

Unlike the typical dating app of today, your time is spent off screen and you check in to No Names only to further facilitate your date. As you can see, No Names focuses on what works, it doesn’t take you round in the same conversational circles with multiple people. It gives you the dating experience you actually want. 

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