Devolution - backing up a notch!

Once upon a time the world was a place where the connections were real; be it with things or humans. People actually scanned through supermarket aisles to buy groceries, went to a library to read/borrow books, and rented CD’s to have movie nights. Well, today it’s all about ordering online and Netflix and chilling. The 3-dimensional world converted to 2 dimensional screens, just like courtships turned into dating. No one bumps into each other anymore or happens to fall in love organically because you swipe right to a potential date. The chances of that potential date culminating into a real date is not so bright since every two out of three times, right swipes don’t translate into a real date. More so if you are an Angeleno. 

With changing times, technological influx into our lives and people becoming busier than ever, no one’s got the patience to join classes or find cupids like the good ol’ days. Setting a meet up in a busy schedule is a much more practical approach. Hence, dating applications in Los Angeles came into play. Initially the concept worked well and drastically changed the way people met. Just swipe right to a nice picture, text once matched and meet if the texting went well. Unfortunately, this isn’t what’s happening now. People using online dating applications in Los Angeles are stuck in a swiping rut, swiping endlessly for hours just to get decent enough matches. But the struggle doesn’t end there. You have to text each other, battle ghosting conversations and sleezy openers to finally accomplish a meet-up. Ironically, the very thing that was supposed to get us dates quickly and conveniently is now taking up all our time and causing a lot of inconvenience. 

Darwin’s evolution theory says, “Everything needs to evolve into its better version to survive the changing dynamics”. Undeniably, free online dating apps in Los Angeles were no less than a revolution. However, these apps are having a hard time keeping up with busy schedules resulting in not catering to today’s needs i.e. a hassle- free meet-up. So, it was time we brought an evolution to the revolution. Hence, we created No Names. This Dating/Socializing app literally transforms how the world dates today by eliminating swiping and texting; the very cause to the hassle. With No Names you POST dates. Just pick a suitable location, date and time and post your date. People send in request for you to accept as a date. Alternatively, you can send requests to dates posted by others. Either ways, you have a date that too without any swiping and aimless texting. What sets this app totally apart is it’s feature of keeping names discreet. So, your privacy lies in your hands which safeguards your personal information unless you are ready to give it out yourself when face to face with the person. Also, this leaves you with an ice-breaker for the first date.

Love before the internet was difficult for sure. You had to choose whatever you had in front of your eyes and relationships required time to progress and mature. The thing that stood out during the pre-technology (read smart phone with fast internet) phase was that people actually met and went out together. People didn’t have screens but real people at a real location to chat with. Today, one might have the entire world on their palm but zero personal connections. No Names let people look away from their screens and meet people because it saves the talking for actual dates. Hence, it brings the world back to the basics but with added convenience and privacy assurance.

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