Expect the unexpected!

What are the two most difficult things to find in LA? Well, the answer is pretty simple; a parking spot and landing a date through dating apps.  We all know why the dating apps in LA aren’t doing any good to us. It is because of too many options, too much of swiping, too much of texting and a 33.33% chance of going on a date. So, keeping the Angelenos and every other online dater’s misery in mind, we came up with No Names.

This app aims at transforming your dating journey to a great extent with it’s user-friendly and time-saving features. No Names could be the turning point in your life because, after this, you are going to have a life before No Names and life after No Names. This app takes all the drawbacks of other apps and dumps them in the trash. Hence, it brings you closer to meeting people in person, just like the good old days but with added convenience. 

What sets this app completely apart from its competitors is the feature of posting dates. Unlike other apps that require you to swipe endlessly to text recklessly, this app lets you pick a place and activity of your choice and pick a convenient date and time to schedule your date. Now, all you have to do is pick a person from the ones who respond to your date request to go out with you and you are all set. Alternatively, you could request to go on dates with other people as well. Its time to bid farewell to those time-consuming conventional dating apps in LA because the next level cupid called No Names is here.

Another unique characteristic of this app is that it doesn’t feature swiping, but meet-up categories which give users a wide range of activities to choose from. Be it coffee, a meal, movies or even shopping for that matter, you can find a lot of things to do on your first date and the best part is that you don’t have to do something you aren’t interested in just because you want to meet someone new. People on No Names match with each other due to their mutual interests in the entire date and not as a consequence of random swiping. Though the prime focus of this app is getting people closer to real-life romance, it can also be used for finding company, a new friend maybe. So, one can socialize, date and meet new people with No Names, making it a one-stop destination for all sorts of social needs someone can have. 

Last but not the least, this app allows you to stay completely discreet. Firstly, one cannot use names on this app which makes online stalking next to impossible. Secondly, the users’ data vanishes after 2 hours of the set date time. So, no one knows that you are a no namer unless you wish to let the cat out of the bag. Privacy, Safety, Security and Convenience are all in one platform and in your palms with this app. In a busy schedule, you don’t have to keep banging frantically your head or fingers on phone screens anymore. With No Names, a meet-up is now just a few clicks away like it was supposed to be. So, it isn’t one of those other regular LA dating apps but No Names.

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