Has Swipe Culture Left Us More Dissatisfied Than Ever?

We are wired for connection, we know this—it’s backed by extensive scientific research and is actually considered “as fundamental as our need for food and water." Sadly, this hasn’t translated into the world of dating apps, technology has made our life easier in many ways yet has had an interesting effect on our dating life. Hollywood portrays the classic movie scenario, featuring some variant of two people locking eyes over a board room/coffee house/grocery store/street—the classic rom-com beginning—unlike our real life first encounters which involve viewing human beings as 3-4 inches big and easy to dismiss with the swipe of a finger. Considering the advances we’ve made in technology there is something about this modern dating approach which seems like a step backward and a loss to the romantic experience.

Although initially intended to help establish meaningful connections, the rise of popular dating apps has back-fired on many individuals hoping for deep relationships, offering casual, dispensable encounters in it’s place. Rather than providing solid ground for long-term relationships many apps are simply an extension of hook-up culture, to such an extent that certain apps are synonymous with hooking up.

Science has proved that technology has not only changed how we relate but our ability to relate. With less authentic, spontaneous human interaction our relationship skills are deteriorating like any muscle would without use. We are not required to relate to human beings in the classic Hollywood way anymore, those days seem so far removed from the modern-day reality. These days we’re lucky if we get a few back-and-forth messages before being ghosted... Yet, are we content to just let this go, to accept our ghosted fate and do nothing? It is not too late to rekindle genuine human connection and to even create it within our modern technological era. We can bring the magical meet-cute dynamic back into the dating app world of today.

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