Have We Evolved Beyond Today’s Dating Apps?

Back in 1995 Match was the first dating site launched into the blossoming technological world. Since then, the ways we can date have continued to grow; the rise and expansion of technology, from our desktop to the palm of our hand, has added a new dimension to human interactions and relationships. Whereas in previous decades you would have to post a personal ad in a local newspaper to get the word out to other local singles, we are now able to sit in the comfort of our home—or sit anywhere really—and watch attention pour in while we’re sipping our morning coffee.

A key strategy of successful dating is to broaden the dating pool, thereby improving the chances of finding a successful match, and dating apps easily provide this. When dating apps first emerged they filled a social need, and yet years later—flash forward to 2020–it’s fair to say we’ve reached a saturation point, a kind of plateau. No longer a shiny new toy, we’ve played this game many times before and we know how it works. With so many dating app choices a kind of homogenous mass has been created in the technological world and the novelty and romance of finding “the one” through the convenience of a phone is beginning to fade... We may have been initially skeptical about trying a dating app, and now—after a few years of endless swiping—it appears we’ve come full circle, back to skepticism, only now we have another tag-along emotional state: dissatisfaction. 

So how do we get out of the swiping rut? What’s the solution? We make some changes, tweak the preexistent app framework so it reflects the dating experience we want. The power is still in our hands even if it hasn’t felt that way. It is possible to have greater  security, control and enjoyment when using a dating app, and thankfully there’s one such app on it’s way...

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