Look Who's Talking!

We are used to the mask which the internet provides, the distance it creates between ourselves and other people. This is seen in the modern outbreak of online trolling, where people have free rein to say whatever they want, create chaos, then retreat back into digital anonymity. There are times when we can shrug off this kind of online presence, even laugh at it, but when it concerns dating we need certainty of who we’re talking to. Since we aren’t able to examine a person like we would in real life, and we’re operating through a device, we need the device to do that work for us.

Ever have to prove you’re not a robot by checking the boxes with traffic lights, road signs or typing the word you see? Certain websites use this to prove you’re a human being operating a computer, and when it comes to dating apps, something similar is needed.  When we use the vast expanse of the online world we need ways to regulate it so we know who we’re communicating with, a bit like CAPTCHA we want a way to confirm who’s on the other end.

A new dating app in Los Angeles, called No Names is tackling the issue of online identity. It does this through “facial verification.” Just like cell phones use facial recognition for added security, for unlocking the phone or doing other important actions (such as paying for things or logging into important accounts), No Names features a similar verification process for it’s users called “Liveness Detection Technology.” This is an “ultra-high accuracy”  tool, making it virtually impossible to trick. This is the same technology which is used for other devices like phones and tablets. No Names wants to guarantee that the person using the app, setting up the date and posting photos are who they say they are. Since No Names believes facial verification in a dating app is just as important and necessary as it would be on a banking app, it uses it to create verified profiles. You will see which profiles are verified or not in the app and can use this to make wise dating choices. This eliminates the fake profiles and fake users which would normally slip through the net in other dating apps. No Names wants to support you in making the best choices and to help you make them without doubt.

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