This is probably the ugliest truth of life and those who’re looking for partners right now would relate to it so much. Things aren’t like they used to be in the days of our parents. They fell in love in the age of courtship and here we are struggling with free dating apps. From love at first sight, humanity has traveled to the times of love at first ‘swipe’ and now it’s all about finding the checklist perfect companion instead of organically falling in love. 

A dreary soul, tired of seeking love or just a partner on dating apps wishes for only one thing, which is the basics came back alive but would that even make the slightest bit of sense? I mean, it took a hell lot of time back then to work it all out. From approaching the lady to going down on the knees, months and years had to pass and how can one overlook the guts it took to just say a simple hello? People today are so practical and short on free time that they basically lack the patience it took in the ancient courtship process and then who really has the time to keep guessing what your crush intends from your friendship? 

So yeah, online dating makes sense but the problem is that the apps in trend aren’t sensible anymore. To save time, we let go of our so wished-for old school romantic dreams but guess what? You’re wasting time anyway. The swipe-texting culture is the culprit. An average American spends 8 hours a week just swiping on new dating apps and only 1/3rd of the matches turn into a real date. Hence, the hassle, the wastage of time and that utmost need for patience are still there. The outcome? Every online dater is back to square one with extra baggage of a dead love-life. 

At least back in the day, the world wasn’t restricted to glass screens but real people and you still had eye contacts to be made to someone. You still had that chance to fall in love. Though it was a piece of work and highly consuming, the outcomes were everlasting relationships and marriages. So, what should a millennial do now? Stick to the comforts of a sofa and a screen or literally start searching for someone everywhere when 70% of the people are stuck on apps? The confusion is killer. It’s like picking between Netflix and real-time movie date. Both have their own good and bad sides.

Now here’s the game-changer. What if you don’t have to choose between the two? No, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to run to your nana. All I’m saying is that what if you get to watch a blockbuster movie on recliners with steaming popcorn but in your Pjs? Fantasy? Nope, your very own reality. Keeping in mind the hassle of modern online dating apps and the desperate need for old school romance, we created your very own lifesaver, NO NAMES. It’s not one of those regular old self-proclaimed best dating apps but your way to love, romance, friendship or whatever the hell you seek. Just post dates on No Names app and wait for requests to flow in. Then pick the hottie you like and boom! The date’s confirmed without any swiping or texting happening and the best part is that your names are a mystery to each other. So, it’s like you bumped into each other, the only difference is that you set yourself up for it and you can again, anytime at your own convenience. 

Remember, everything doesn’t have to go back to the way it was, sometimes the change is for the better and the best things to happen. Happy No Naming!!! 

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