New in a big fat city. Can anything be as exciting and intimidating as this? The level of newness, freedom and fear cannot be put into words. While you are all prepared to explore the new city, the mind runs its own slideshow of memories in your heart and damn! Now you miss every single friend and family member back at home. The thrill is amazing but the nostalgia? It’s heart wrenching. How to deal with this pain of missing friends and loneliness and find people to feel like home again? How to move on with life and fall in love with this new place you are in now? Well, the answer is quite simple. Get off your couch, go around and meet as many people as you can. 

I know, it isn’t as easy as it may sound. Finding people who are ready to befriend someone new and have the time to look beyond their screens is difficult. Everybody is already so busy in their own lives! Yet, at the same time, you aren’t alone. There are so many people like you who feel lonely and need someone’s company. There could be someone out there who flew in like 10 days ago and doesn’t even know where to get started, just like you. On the contrary, there could be someone who has known the city for as long as he/she can remember, yet they live a lonely life with a desperate need of a friend or a companion. So, you got plenty of people to meet and be friends with but how do you really do that? Your solution is nothing but NO NAMES. 

No Names is the perfect answer to your lack of friends/company/fun in life. It isn’t like those boring dating apps for relationships or socializing apps out there but much more simplified and quicker to use. Unlike other free dating apps, No Names does not require swiping and texting to eventually end up going out. All you gotta do is just ‘post a date’. Posting a date means picking a place, date, time and activity of your choice (from the meet-up categories available) and going live. Now, other users can send in requests to go out with you or, you could request to go out with someone else. Either ways, a meet up with a new person is a sure shot. The good part about networking through this app is that you don’t have to worry about your privacy as your name and personal details are concealed at your choice. This makes it all much easier because now you have something to break the ice with. 

Gone are the days when people used to go and stand by the bar to approach people or tried to pick conversations with co-workers. It’s all online now, whether it’s shopping or finding friends. Also, gone are the days when you wasted your time on dead ghosting conversations while using the so called ‘best dating apps' (No Names is finally here!). Obviously, an application and mere logarithms cannot assure friends to anyone. What it can definitely do is bring you closer to people like yourself. End of the day, it has to be you making the efforts. Put yourself out there, be vulnerable and open to new adventures. A positive attitude attracts positivity. In no time this new city would feel like your soul again, acquainted and known from head to toe. Even if you don’t find your kind of people, at least boredom can be avoided, right? So, keep searching, keep No Naming!

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