No Different???

The Internet has opened many doors for us, things that seemed pure science fiction 20 years ago are now a reality and placed on our palms. As a result of the internet we don’t have to do anything the way we used to. Gone are the days when we would arrange our dates through a friend-of-a-friend or solely rely on in person events to provide dating opportunities. We may live in a 3D world, but now we’re used to arranging and navigating our most intimate relationships in a 2D reality.

This offers gifts, as well as challenges. Our potential dates are closer than ever-literally right in our pockets-yet there is evidence all around us which highlights our difficulty mixing matters of the heart with digital reality. One problem: keeping people real. Intellectually we know the people we see on a screen are real, that they’re people with their own lives (with birth dates, family members, and a driving license), but if we never meet them do we see those people as “real” in the fullest sense? When we can swipe through flesh-and-blood human beings the same way we scroll through laundry detergents is it any wonder why we’re having difficulties? If we had no intention of getting any kind of result from a dating app then seeing people as 2 dimensional images and engaging with them as such wouldn’t be an issue, but when you’re looking for a meaningful relationship... well, real human beings come with the territory. Without realizing it we have dehumanized people in our current dating app setup. We now acknowledge how swipe-culture has made people disposable and the apps we’ve created don’t provide the meaningful relationships we seek.

You may have noticed how generally I’m speaking about the dating app experience. There is a reason for this: today’s dating apps are all the same. This is where No Names launching this January in Los Angeles o?ers much needed solutions. It’s committed to keeping people 3D and real, to restoring and promoting romance, security, and humanity; helping you invest in real life and real results. How does No Names manage this? It doesn’t emphasize messaging, online chatting or face value swiping as other apps does and instead focuses energy on establishing in- real-life dates, connecting people through mutual interests. The only real similarity between No Names and other dating apps is convenience; with dates taking less than a minute to set up and launch into the world, No Names doesn’t sacrifice convenience in it’s endeavour to establish real life connection. 

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