Now You See Me!

By now, we’re used to the nature of the internet and better understand the significance of what’s put out there; it’s wise to not share anything you don’t want to be remembered forever. The internet doesn’t forget, people can screenshot and record any kind of information you upload and share online. Deleting doesn’t tend to resolve this either, if something existed online then it can be captured and recirculated regardless of whether the original is removed.

To counter this total transparency and loss of control more people are looking for alternatives. They want more privacy and greater say over what personal information is broadcast online and who it’s shared with. Times are changing; what once seemed novel and exciting has left us jaded and somewhat wary. This can be especially true with online dating, with this we’re looking to establish the most personal kind of connection and yet we’re doing it via an unregulated, impersonal medium. For those who want a real relationship and want to find it using online convenience, the dating app world needs to listen.

Things are different with a new LA dating app called No Names. Initially being launched in the Los Angeles area, No Names promotes a return to “old fashioned” dating, to connecting in real life. Because swiping isn’t the focus of No Names, profile information isn’t accessible to everyone like it would be on other dating apps. Usually a profile is automatically visible once a person registers with the app, but with No Names it’s only when you decide to post a date that your profile will become visible. Once the date post is no longer live, your profile (and any information about you) is taken offline. This works both ways, you will only see a user’s profile when they post a date and not be able to view it once the window of time for that particular date has closed. 

If you are looking for a truly comfortable experience of dating, one where you can use the app anywhere and keep your peace of mind, then No Names is the app you need. When your information is not required, when it’s unnecessary, No Names will not share it. In short: your information is only available when you want it to be, when you want to find a date.

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