Private And Confidential

This is the most important feature of this app which we want users to understand really well. Privacy of each user is pivotal for us as we do not want any user to encounter any negative experience due to their information being leaked. A user gives information to others only when he or she feels comfortable. We don’t share users’ details with anybody and the onus of doing so rests with the users. The only information that we have of a user is the photos. Apart from that we are not connected to any social media handles so as to not reveal users’ information. The other user will only be able to see your photos and basic details. We have also banned taking of any screenshots in the app. A girl’s privacy is of utmost importance to us. You can post a date, sit back and relax. We delete all the date related information from the app one hour after the scheduled date time. This is to protect the user’s information and to avoid any harassment to him or her. If the user wants to stay in touch with a date, they can share their number during the actual date.

Would you buy a house that has no key or purchase a car which everyone could unlock? I would guess not; if you invest in something you want to know it has the right security features to keep it/you safe.That’s why our current dating app setup is working against us, we don’t have the right safety measures in place.

Wouldn’t it be a relief to know:

- There is no possibility of being stalked online.
- The person you’re connecting with is who they say they are.
- There is no push to disclose personal information.
- You can set the pace.
- Your information cannot be leaked.
- Your profile photos cannot be duplicated or captured.

The time has come for us to question if we’re satisfied with the present dating apps, the ones which cannot offer the things outlined above, or if the online dating experience can operate in a new, more personally rewarding way. Thankfully, there is a new way and it comes with the launch of a new dating app in the Los Angeles area: No Names. This is an app which offers the privacy which is sorely lacking from other dating applications in today’s digital market. It guards personal information, strategically regulates it—using it only when necessary—and erases information which is no longer needed. No Names never sacrifices this standard. This restores the privacy which users deserve and removes the pressure a user may feel to compromise their comfort level. No matter what, No Names is committed to helping each user feel totally secure, and it does this through numerous security features.

No Names uses facial verification to verify a user is who they say. To ensure there can be no information leaks No Names only stores a users photos, no other information is kept, and other users cannot capture these images—screenshots are disabled within the app.

There is also no need to worry about your information after a date since everything is erased an hour after a date occurs. There is no need to feel uncomfortable when using a dating app. No Names is dedicated to helping you feel in control and able to enjoy the process of getting to know someone without all the traps of the online world. So if you’re looking to meet someone online in Los Angeles No Names offers a free, no lose way to do so. Remove those internet pitfalls and you really can just get back to the experience of dating.

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