The Change, The Dating App Industry Needs

The common scenario: you’ve been around the “dating app block” a few times and you’re considering giving up entirely—you’ve had enough of being ghosted and engaging in situations that go nowhere. Before disillusionment turns to despair it’s time for us to reevaluate how we date in this modern era. If we want more than what is currently offered by today’s dating apps it’s time we get back to the drawing board and base them on what really matters to us.

One of the selling points of a dating app is it’s time-saving capability. In theory, using an app to—quite literally—“screen” dating prospects can reduce the time and energy which would be required to find a suitable romantic interest. In this past this kind of time-efficient method would be achieved by speed dating, spending a few minutes with each person in the room and moving onto the next person at the ring of a bell. Yet, we have got to the point where we need more than just time-saving dating strategies, we need effective dating strategies combined with genuine connection. We want to weed out what we’re not looking for in order to be left with what we are, and for those of us who aren’t looking for casual hook-ups we need something which will help pull that out of the equation.

No Names is the fresh start today’s swipe culture needs. Whilst we don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to dating apps, since they offer so many potential benefits, we do need to turn the wheel toward our desired destination. No more aimless wandering, no dead ends, no wrong turns... In other words, we need to take what doesn’t work with the current dating apps and make some changes for those wanting a real connection, who want greater security, more control over the dating app process and less risk.

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