Time Is Money!

Time is precious, we all value saving time because we seem to have so little of it. Dating apps were supposed to offer a solution to our modern-day time shortage, meant to provide a convenient, easy way to speed-up the dating game. In theory, swiping through people should be fast, and save time and energy. What used to take hours to achieve in an in person situation, would take mere seconds in a virtual reality. So, why does online dating seem so... tedious?

The crux of the issue lies with the main component of dating apps: swiping. Again, this sounds like it should speed things up, you get to kick-back in your PJ’s and simply swipe left or right to match up with people. I mean, that sounds easier than brushing your teeth, but you’ll soon find it becomes a time-sapping cycle. So despite the fact we may not notice we’re losing time, we’re losing time nonetheless; app users get stuck in a swiping maze and get distracted with each new profile. Add ghosting and basic human interaction issues and the whole cycle can really get long-winded.

There is a way around this and the solution comes in the form of a new dating app being launched in Los Angeles, No Names. This is an app which values actual time efficiency; the makers of the app don’t want you to be content with swiping through people, hoping you’ll find a match and maybe get a conversation off the ground. No Names wants to give you results without the time-wasting, to get you an actual date. The process of finding a date with No Names is simple, you just open the app and post a date. This takes very little time and effort to do, in fact, in less than 60 seconds your date post will be live and other users are able to view and respond to it. You are not restricted to a generic date either, you don’t have to go to dinner and a movie (the stereotypical date combination) but can tailor the date to your specific interests. The app presents some of the following event categories: coffee, concert & theatre, shopping, spa, beach, clubbing, drinks, movies... These are then further divided, so you can get as specific as you want.

If you were to weigh up the two options—hours swiping through profile photos or 60 seconds until you throw your opportunity out into the world to have a date with a real, live human— which do you feel would offer you the most tangible results?

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