What's In A Name?

Names are important, we go through our lives associated with one, it represents us and who we are in a tangible, see-it-on-paper kind of way. When we first meet someone out in the world we introduce ourselves—exchanging names—and this feels natural; I tell you my name, you tell me yours. Dating apps alter this natural introduction, and the launch of a new online dating application in Los Angeles is looking to challenge the way these apps operate, and the first thing to go in this new dating app? The names.

In Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare famously wrote, “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”—using this as inspiration, it seems fair to say that despite our name being an aspect of who we are, it certainly doesn’t define who we are deep down. Whether I’m called Lucy, Fern, Rosalina, or Bob I am still essentially the same person. I will still be the same regardless of what letters are strung together to form “me”, just like Juliet was the same person to Romeo regardless of her family name.

This may work for Romeo but why does a dating app have such a strong stance about names? First and foremost, for security, when dating app users are in control of disclosing their personal information there is automatically more security. And secondly, because of the evidence, sharing names and other personal information does not guarantee genuine connection, if it did, all dating apps would have incredible success rates.

But things are different with the launch of the new dating app in Los Angeles, No Names. It’s premise is simple and highlighted in the title itself—there are no names needed to use the app. You don’t have to reveal your name, or other personal information, until you decide; you decide when you reveal it and who you reveal it to. Other dating apps don’t work this way, they require certain information in order to just provide you the service. No Names is a dating app where anonymity provides you protection and allows you to call the shots. The app’s inbuilt security features makes the app work for you, for your benefit and protection, so you never need worry about giving too much of yourself away on the world wide web. No Names leaves the real introduction for when it’s actually important, the way it would happen in real life. With No Names there is no rushing into a virtual world, investing in it, when the real magic happens in real life... and No Names places you where the magic is.

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