Where to go on a first date in Los Angeles?

Meeting someone in Los Angeles is as easy as pie, varying from the best Single Bars in the City to plenty of best dating apps in Los Angeles, there are many doors to meet someone new. If you have found your special one to go out on a date with, then the chief question that pops up in mind is where to go and how to make the First date indelible.

It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that the first date sets the tone for newly-met people who are willing to know each other regardless of meeting through dating apps in Los Angeles or friends. Los Angeles has copious places for daters, you can choose the best restaurant for dinner or can meet over a coffee shop, but if you want to impress someone, you have to pull a rabbit out of a hat and surprise your date. Here we recommend you the best ideas for your first date in Los Angeles:

1. Enjoy the L.A top view : When you are on a first date, the first thing you need is momentum and space to keep the conversation going. You don’t want to get distracted by others, right? Therefore, choosing rooftop bars is a good option. LA rooftops give the best date experience as you get the unsurpassed skyline views, a delightful backdrop and can order cocktails for the great conversation. There are plenty of places such as Downtown LA’s Perch and West.

2. Time to be a kid again : The superlative way to get ‘Yes’ for your second date by someone special is keeping them engaged and cheerful on your first date. If you both want to relive your childhood moments and want to be a kid again, going bowling is the perfect date idea. No place can match the level of Highland Park Bowl when it comes to the best bowling place in the city. This place surely catches the eye of visitors and holds fun elements.

3. The Last Bookstore for book lovers : If you are a book lover, or your partner is, visiting the LA bookstore is the best way to impress them in the first place. The Last Bookstore happens to be the largest in California and is the ideal place to chat and know your date better. There are over 250,000 books including new, old ones, graphic novels, and vinyl records. Though this date idea might sound weird to a few, moving around book stacks and having a conversation over the books has its own fun. This date idea rolls out the best conversation allowing you to reminisce and share memories of your childhood with each other. Is there any coolest way to get to know about your date’s childhood?

4. Visit the Griffith Observatory : If your partner is fond of hiking or love adventure, you can always choose the Griffith Observatory either by driving late night or day hiking. Enjoy the attractive views of the city with your date. Isn’t it a romantic outing for you where you both can have fun and at the same time get to know each other.

5. Getting back to old-school dating ideas is always up : Movies and dinner is the perfect example of old-school dating and choosing this option sounds a cool idea. You can head to any theatre to watch a romantic movie and later on, can go for a dinner-making your date a perfect old-school kind. 

We know it’s your first date and you surely want to keep it going, therefore, we advise you to be yourself wherever you go and impress your date with your charm and honesty. 

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